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Bloggers are encouraged to contribute their ideas on health-related topics in a guest post on the Vogue health tips blog. It’s become a tradition. We value the open thoughts of our readers and fellow bloggers, and we kindly invite you to contribute a piece for this reason.

We’re a new health blog that would love to feature your tips, DIYs, and other stuff. Please email us your contact information, resume, and links to your website or social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

voguehealthtips.com is a collective of contributors to health blogs. Guest posts are accepted, but they must be relevant to the topic. We will review your article if you send it to us.

Terms and Conditions

We’re looking for an article with at least 800 words and references. You must pass a plagiarism check with Google or Copyscape and have no spun material if you wish to submit a guest post for us. Guest posts must be written in a way that is more creative than just using SEO keywords. We don’t publish adult content blogs, affiliate marketing, CPA offers, gambling sites, or items linked to drugs or cigarettes.


800+ Words (Minium 800 Words are Required)

Images (Minium 1 is Required)

Keywords (Minium 2 is Required)

Post Guidelines (Write for Us)

You may also submit your content in the form of a Word document (.doc or.docx) for us to review. This service is perfect for sharing your thoughts with us. You can contact us through the contact form or [email protected]

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